Friday, August 3, 2007

The Population of China

The earth’s population is 5.5 billion and every five people includes one Chinese. The population of China was increased after the baby boom in the early 1980's. In addition the population of China is the largest in the world at 1.3 billion (Saiget, 2007). In addition the Chinese government has lot of rules, the most important one being to have only one child, only to stop the population from increasing. Also, the government gives a chance to people who have a girl as the first child. Chinese families prefer boys to girls, because the boys used to work to support the family in their life; "people who live in urban areas are generally allowed one child, while rural families can have two if the first is a girl" (Saiget, 2007, para. 4). On the other hand, China now has nearly 40 million more men than women (Saiget, 2007). The government should have a good pension system so that poor families don’t depend on their children. You can see that “poor farmers with a two-child limit account for nearly 10 percent, while ethnic minorities allowed having two or more children make up 1.6 percent of the total” (Olesen, 2007a, para. 16). So, if you give the families who live in poverty more money, they will not have more children. All the problems that the government has are connected to each other, and if you solve one of them it will end up solving others. So, we should solve the problem of people’s having more than one child, change the idea of having boys instead of girls, and give higher pension to the families to stop having more children.

People are trying to have more than one child for different reasons. One of the important reasons is to support the family. So, they think that if you have more than one child you are not going to live in poverty and that is truthful, but they should also think about the government situation. The government cannot afford the expense to build a lot of hospitals, schools, and more transportation. They will get into trouble. So, the government should educate people and especially the families and show them the main problem before they have more than one child. If the people don't listen to the government they will end in a bad situation. The government forced the "pregnant women to have abortions. They threatened to demolish homes to make residents cough up fines demanded for excess children" (Minzner, 2007, para. 2). This is too bad a reaction from the government; they should be less strict with them; the government should put some fees or penalties for people who have more than one child.

So, if you educate the families more, like having big advertisements on television, in transportation places, in work places and in schools, especially universities because they will start families soon, they will stick with the one-child policy. So, education is very important to families and the government should do that and give more education to the families. Also, the government says, “Chinese must apply for a certificate to gain permission to give birth” (Davin, 2007, para. 4).

What is the difference between boys and girls? Everyone depends on the other. There are many women who have abortions if they know that the baby is a girl (Davin, 2007). It is not right that we should have boys instead of girls, but families think that boys can work and support them. The government should not allow families that have a girl as their first child to have another one. However, they should continue on the policy of one-child. The government ought to give some reward and make easy life for the families who have girls like free health care, education, and raising the pension, but the government doesn’t do that; they don't mind with the situation. By now, China has nearly 40 million more men than women since the policy was introduced in the late 1970s (Saiget, 2007).

However, if you have the same sex percentage of men and women there will be less chance that men are going to marry from outside the country and have more population coming from immigrants. Therefore, the government should change the policy of one-child to really one-child any sex, not if it is girl at first they can have a boy second. If the government does this, the population will decrease for certain.

If you want to have equality between boys and girls you should give more education to the people. When the people and the families are enough educated they will see that having a girl is as important as having a boy.

The pension is the most important thing that people depend on when they get old. The government should improve the pension and if they do not improve it, people are going to find other source to be sources to support them when they get old. Government should invest their pension money in a really good way to give the people more money because they get less money when they retired. The government should support poor families and farmers, not just make them have more children to help them (Olesen, 2007a). If you support the poor families they will stop bearing more children, and other families are going to see that and they are not going to have more than one child. The government gives a pension to the retired people; they should give more money to the families that don't have any children, give less money to the families that have less than three children and no money at all to families that have more than three children.

The pension system is an ace in the hole that the government has. They can use it to slow down the population. However, the government has to increase the pension to make people want it more and change their thought to have more children to support them. Therefore, government can control the population in the end, if they use this card right.

There are other ways to stop the population and they are not hurtful. For example, families should take pills or use protection instead of killing the baby. Also, people should not have an abortion if it’s a girl to have a boy; the government should stop this bad “sex-selective abortion and even female infanticide” (Davin, 2007, para. 6).

The policy of one child has some problems, being that you can have a boy if you had a girl as first birth. This is not good; they should close this subject by saying there is only one child, whether it is a its boy or girl.

In conclusion, there are many things that the government should do to solve the increasing of the population in China. The first one is the birth range is too high; if every family has more than one child, the population will get doubled soon. Second, people are having more boys then girls. They will find a spouse, if not from their country, from a nearly country like Taiwan. Third, people will have more children to help them when they get old and pay for them as a pension system world.

China’s population should stay balanced before it gets damage, because they have too many people at almost 1.3 billion, twenty percent of the world population. Education is very important; it can stop the increasing of the population. If you have more educated people you will have a better economy and other ways to solve many problems that the country faces.


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Thursday, July 19, 2007

China Population 2

In Alexa Olesen’s article, “China Sticking to One –Child Policy,” it is important to have a strategy with population. The population in China is very big; even the government cannot handle it, especially after the last number was 1.3 billion people and it was 20 percent of the global total (Olesen, 2007). The Chinese family likes to have a boy instead of girl, and the government gives them another chance if they have a girl the first time. The government has a strong policy in which every family should have only one child, to stop the increase of the population. The government wants the population fewer than 1.36 billion by 2010 and under 1.45 billion by 2020, Zhang said in Olesen (2007). We have to control the population before it makes a problem, the government should solve the problem supporting families for example, pensions, and they should help females in payment and education.

First, the population is encrusting without controll. The government should do something to stop it, like give a better salary, have an only one child policy, and give high education. If the population could control the income well, it would be better for the family and it would help them in a lot of things like health care, education and housing care. Also, families have to know that they should stop having more children, because it affects the government system like pensions system, health care, education system, and housing. If the population gets less than that number, they will have more chance to find jobs. For example, jobs will be available in government, a lot of companies, and factories. So people should stop having more then one child as a best solution. I hope families can see that point and stop having more children.

Second, the government should solve the problem of the pension system by investing more money and giving good pensions to the families. When the families see that is going to happen they are not going to depend on their children, and they will stop having more than one child. Families who live in poverty want to have more boys to support them. It is a good solution if the pension is too low for them. So, government should tell the families that having only one child they will increase the pension salary, and they will give them health care if they needed, just do not follow the idea of having more than one to help you. If people continue having more than one child the government will have lot of problems with the pension system, health care and good education. They cannot give lot of people money when they have less income and too much many expenses. The government can also find other ways to tell people to stop with advertisements, in public places, and in universities.

Third, the problem of the high education should be solved by the government by helping the families with payments and decreasing the amount of money that they have to pay for schools and universities. When you have more educated people, you have a good economy. If the government still asks for fees and payment for education, families living in poverty are not going to have a chance to find a better life, and they will stay in poverty forever. Education is very important for heath, work, and having better life than before. In China, government should give the education free and have to know that not every family can take care of this cost.

In conclusion, the government should improve the life system of people in different ways, like the policy to have one child, improve the pensions system, and the education system. If they can have more one way to decrease the population they should do it, like they should educate the people and give them the responsibility. Also, they need to improve high education in universities. China can lower their population if they follow the government.

Olesen, A. (2007, January 24). China Sticking to One –Child Policy. Associated Press online. Retrieved July 16, 2007, from LexisNexis.

Monday, July 16, 2007

China Population

In Alexa Olesen’s article, “Official: Chinese government partly to blame for problem of too many boys,” it is very important to control population before it gets out of hand. The population of China is getting larger and larger, especially after the baby boom in the early 1980’s. The Chinese family depends on the male more than the female. The government has a policy to stop the increase of the population by having one child for each family, and it worked well. The population now stopped growing fast, but they still have a big base. The government also gives another chance to have more then one child if they family has a girl instead of a boy. We should change the idea that boys are better then girls; solve the problem of having more children, and help to solve the difficulty of payment for high education.

Families should change the thought that only boys can support them when they get old. Also, they have to know that now women can do it and sometimes can get better jobs than man, but they have to give her a chance. That’s why families who are poor want to have more boys to support them. That’s why Chinese families want to have a boy instead of having a girl. The girl is not as strong as the boy; this is old thought, but they should change it, people have stared to use their brain, not only their muscles. Women can work the same as the men. For example, they work in government, companies, factories and even in international jobs. If the government gives more chance to the women and more salary, maybe the families will change forever. So, now I hope families can see that point and change their thought about having a girl.

The government should solve the problem that every family has more than one child by raising their income and having more campaigns. Some families do not follow this idea by having more than one. This is a big problem. People should know that if they do not stop having more than one child the government will not have control over things like pension system, health care and good education. I think the best solution for this problem is to educate the families more by having big advertisements on television, in transportation places, in work place and in schools, especially universities because they will start families soon.

The government should solve this problem of high education by helping the families to pay jus a fee or a small amount of money or work for a few hours. When you educate people you will receive a good economy and improved workers. Families whose children study in universities are rich or not living in poverty. The high education is very expensive in china, and not every family can take care of this cost.

In conclusion, the Chinese government wants to improve the life system for 1.3 billion people in different ways, like they policy to have one child, and without pushing them. If they have a girl they can have more child to have opportunity to have a boy. Also, they need to improve high education in universities.

Olesen, A. (2007, January 23). Official: Chinese government partly to blame for problem of too many boys. Associated Press Worldstream. Retrieved July 11, 2007, from LexisNexis.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

The best family

When you think about raising a family you should start searching for the best spouse to get the best family. You should try your best to make a good family. One of the ways to make the best family is to have your parents, brother and sister as one large family that lives in one place, to try to get a social life family and finally, don’t forget to have ademocratic family.

First of all, when you have to live with a large family, you will feel less pressure or stress in raising your children, because your parents and brothers are going to help you if you had troubles. They have experience with children, and they know how to handle them. Also, they make a good time in the house by eating at one table and talking in the living room. When you think about it your brother is going to help you with the bills and cover some financial expenses.

Second, a big family or the best family should also have a good social life. They should help each other in the problems of life. For example, they should sit at the dinner table and talk about the things that happened in the day and how to solve the problems if they had them. You can also take care of your parents and your children in one place; you don’t need to go to your parents’ house to see them. Your children will respect your parents and they are going to respect you more and they will do the same as you did with your parents. They will raise a family the same as you raise your family.

Third, if you want to find a way to raise your family, you should use the democratic style. A democratic family is more important, because they will have some freedom in their life, and you’ll still have some control of them. There are many signs of diseases that will appear if you follow the serious or the weak family like stress, depression and peer pressure. When you have an open mind and you talk with your children about any problem they have, you may solve it in the beginning before it becomes complicated.

Scientists and researchers say that if you stay with a small family it may work; however, if you have all your family together you will have the best family. You will solve the social problems, and you will get a lot of experience from your parents. Also, the most important thing that you will get is the social life that lot of people want and they cannot get. Also, the democratic families don’t suffer from problems as other strict families and weak families do.
In conclusion, family is the most important thing in a person’s life. When you ask yourself why you worked, it’s only to have a good life with your family. So, don’t lose the time and lose a good family by having a small family. You should choose the best one.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

St. Louis

Last weekend I went to St. Louis, MO with my Friend. It is one of the beautiful cities in America. There is an international airport there. We pact our friend’s from the airport and went to Charlie Gitto’s “On the Hill” restaurant to eat dinner there. St. Louis has many interesting plusses to vista. For example, there are many museums there like the City Museum, International Bowling Museum, World Qquarium, Gateway Arch and Forest Park. When you think of St. Louis Think of nightlife. There are many Place very famous like America's Pub, 1860's Hard Shell CafĂ© and Bar and many many more. Therefore St. Louis is one best city I have ever visit for.

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